art deakins headshot

Art Deakins

Kuleana Rum - Waimea, HI

Art Deakins is the beverage director for Kuleana Spirits. He has been a part of opening some of Honolulu’s premier bars. He recently helped to open Big Island’s first distillery in Kuleana Rum Works. Along with the distillery, Deakins has curated a program at the newly opened Kuleana Rum Shack at the Queens Market Place in Waikoloa, HI. As part owner in Kuleana Rum Works, he hopes to expand the rum’s reach throughout the mainland and Japan in the upcoming years.

Art Deakins was the winner of the “Worlds Best Mai Tai” competition in 2016 which was his first ever competition. He has built his bartending style around knowledge and being a consummate host to his guests—creating a fun, approachable atmosphere no matter the bar.


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