Past Festivals



The Thirteenth Annual Hawai’i Food & Wine Festival welcomed more than 80 chefs from around the world to participate in 14 grand tastings, gala dinners and more, featuring an array of ingredients from Hawai‘i’s leading farmers, ranchers and fishermen. Joined by more than 50 winemakers, sommeliers and mixologists, the 2023 Festival embraced the lucky number 13, an auspicious number meaning abundance in eastern tradition. We had hoped to have a full festival as we emerged from the pandemic, however the tragic wildfires that affected our Maui community required us to cancel our events in Kā’anapali. In light of the challenges, last year reminded us of the unwavering strength and unity that defines our culinary community. Together with the support of the global culinary and hospitality community, we raised and distributed more than $1.2 million for our Kokua Restaurant and Hospitality Fund to support our ‘ohana on Maui.

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival recognizes the use of diacritical markings in the modern orthography of Hawaiian language including the ‘okina [‘] or glottal stop, and the kahakō [ā] or macron. However, in order to ensure the best online experience visitors to our website, these markings may be omitted throughout our site. We thank you for your understanding.