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Hawaii Food & Wine Festival (HFWF) is a program of the nonprofit Hawaii Ag and Culinary Alliance. Its mission is to attract national and international attention to Hawaii’s extraordinary culinary talent and its diverse, high-quality locally grown products, to ensure the islands maintain their competitive edge as a world-class destination.

HFWF not only shines a spotlight on Hawaii as a culinary destination, but pays it forward through contributions for nonprofit charitable organizations that support local food sustainability and cultural and educational programs. The tangible impact of the Festival is far-reaching, with funds supporting local culinary colleges, grants for Hawaii chefs to learn in the kitchens of the world’s culinary masters, programs to help small farms get their produce to consumers, and curriculum to teach children how to grow their own food in school and make healthy dishes at home.

2023 Beneficiaries

Hawaii Agricultural Foundation
Hawaii Agricultural Foundation

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