In honor of the late, Chef Michael Ginor

Chef Michael Ginor was an award-winning chef, writer, and restaurateur best known for co-founding Hudson Valley Foie Gras and restaurant LOLA, hailed as one of Long Island’s best dining experiences with top ratings from the New York Times. An innovative chef who advocated for the safe and responsible production of foie gras, Ginor’s Hudson Valley Farm in Ferndale, NY revolutionized modern-age foie gras processing in the U.S. and is one of the largest producers of organic chicken, duck, and foie gras in America.

Born in Seattle, WA to Israeli expatriate parents, Ginor chose to return to Israel after pursuing a career on Wall Street and serve in the Israeli Defense Forces—first as a Captain in the Gaza Strip, then as a patrol commander and later as the Israeli Defense Forces spokesman. During his time there, he discovered Israeli cuisine, along with the production methods for high-quality foie gras that would shape his future endeavors. Decorated with awards from the James Beard Foundation, American Tasting Institute, Food & Wine magazine and Food Art, it was his experience in the Israeli Defense Forces that built the foundation for his understanding of culinary diplomacy. We are honored to establish the Michael Ginor Scholarship Fund to ensure his contributions to the culinary world will be remembered by generations to come.


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Scholarship Fund

Michael Ginor was a generous supporter of the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival and participated in every festival since it began in 2011. Over the years Ginor became one of Hawaii’s greatest ambassadors, embracing the festival’s mission to spotlight Hawaii’s unique food culture and sharing the aloha spirit with everyone he met along his journey. He often shared his passion for travel with fellow chefs, inviting them to join his culinary adventures—both in Israel and beyond—and connecting them to different cultures through food.

In that spirit, the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival aims to continue his legacy through the Michael Ginor Scholarship Fund—a perpetual scholarship to provide annual opportunities for Hawaii’s culinary students to stage (intern) at Hudson Valley Farm or Restaurant LOLA in New York and other Hawai’i Ag & Culinary Alliance initiatives. 

Please consider a gift in Chef Michael Ginor’s memory to raise $100,000 for the Michael Ginor Scholarship Fund and provide opportunities for the next generation of Hawaii’s chefs to gain a global perspective on food.

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