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HFWF Co-Founder Roy Yamaguchi Receives Legendary CIA Augie Award

Honored as one of six Champions of Global Cuisine at the 2022 Culinary Institute of America Leadership Awards earlier this monthHundreds of hospitality industry leaders, celebrity chefs and other luminaries from business and entertainment joined The Culinary Institute...

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival Tops Best Of Festival Lists for 2022

After several years of hybrid events, virtual demonstrations and more, food festivals across the country are gearing up to deliver diners around the world with unique experiences that reflect the local culinary scene. Despite the growing menu of various food festivals...

‘USA Today 10 Best’ Features Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

Get an inside look at one of our 2021 festival attendee's Mālama ‘Āina volunteer experience! Read more at USA Today.   How this innovative food festival in Hawaii is giving back to the environment   The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival helps guests learn about...

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