Reynaud Delille

Domaine de Terrebrune

Reynaud Delille received his Oenologist diploma from the Faculty of Dijon and his tasting certificate from the Faculty of Bordeaux. He has been a winegrower since 1980, working alongside his father who established the winery in 1963. From 1998 to 2020, he managed the estate before joining forces with Jean d’Arthuys, his passionate partner.

As an organic winemaker, Reynaud’s philosophy is grounded in his deep attachment to the natural world, his extensive experience with the Bandol Appellation and its “cépage roi” (king grape) Mourvèdre, and his father’s idealistic and unwavering vision.

Today, Reynaud and his team continue their dedicated work, committed to exploring and showcasing the maximum expression of Terrebrune’s unique terroir. The Triassic limestone soil, integral to their vineyards, holds immense potential for their wines. Reynaud approaches winemaking with utmost sincerity and sensitivity, allowing each vintage to authentically express itself according to the nuances of the year.


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