Martin Yan

M.Y. Asia Restaurant & Yan Can Cook TV - Las Vegas, NV

“Yan Can Cook, So Can You!” has always been the motto of Martin Yan, chef extraordinaire, popular television host of more than 3,500 culinary and travel TV shows and author of 30 cookbooks.

Martin Yan is one of the most recognizable Chinese American icons in the culinary world, from Shanghai to San Francisco, with a career spanning over four decades. Promoting Chinese and Asian cuisines, making it easy for the cook and tasty for the guests has been his life-long mission.

Yan’s award-winning public television series, Yan Can Cook, airing since 1978, has introduced generations of audiences to Chinese and Asian cuisines. Yan has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the recent James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award and the lifetime achievement award from the International Association of Cooking Professionals.

Yan was recently honored with the 2023 Culinary Excellence Award at the Sonoma International Film Festival. Never one to rest on his laurels, Yan has remained an active international food and cultural ambassador.

Yan roams the world working with home chefs and top chefs to entertain and educate the public, sharing his unique humor and strong passion for cooking.


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