Kai Duarte

Makawao Public House - Makawao, HI

Kai Duarte was born and raised from Maui, Hawaii and grew up in the beautiful town of Waiehu. After graduating from high school, she continued her education and sports career in both Arizona and San Diego. Kai stumbled into the Events and Banquets industry while trying to pursue and balance a career in Music Management. As her music dreams fell short, she soon fell in love with the art of hospitality and food and beverage. Kai eventually worked her way into restaurants and tended bar throughout Orange County.

After living on the mainland for 12 years, she moved back to Maui and was lucky to find a home at Pacifico on the Beach. She fell in love again with the art of craft cocktails, fresh, local ingredients, and incorporating community within her work. This opportunity also encouraged her to learn more about cocktails through travel, seminars, competitions, and conventions.

After the fires, Kai relocated to beautiful upcountry, where she currently works at Makawao Public House. She also owns a mobile bar company called Fresh and Proper.


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