Elizabeth Falkner

T'MARO - Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Falkner, an acclaimed chef with a culinary career spanning over three decades, has left an indelible mark on the dining scenes of both San Francisco and New York. Beginning her journey in San Francisco, she owned restaurants for twenty years before making her mark in New York City for another decade. Despite her extensive experience, Falkner remains active in the culinary world, showcasing her talents at Food & Wine Festivals, fundraisers, and various events—catering to numerous celebrities and personalities.

Beyond the kitchen, Falkner is sought after as a recipe developer, consultant, and brand collaborator, working with esteemed names such as Molino Bianco/Barilla, Starbucks, Hershey, Pepsi Co., and more.

With a television presence spanning two decades, Falkner has appeared on multiple networks and cooking competition reality series, solidifying her status as a pioneer and leader in the culinary world. Passionate about fitness and wellness, she advocates for maintaining a healthy balance in the industry, embodying the mantra of “Fit to Cook.”

As an accomplished author with three cookbooks to her name, Falkner’s influence extends beyond the kitchen. She shares her culinary knowledge through speaking engagements and teaching opportunities worldwide. Currently serving on the board of trustees of the James Beard Foundation and the culinary council of City Harvest, NYC, and Forever Oceans, Falkner is deeply involved in shaping the future of the culinary landscape.

In 2020, Falkner relocated to Los Angeles, venturing into filmmaking by producing and hosting the documentary “Sorry We’re Closed.” The film garnered critical acclaim, winning Best Documentary Feature at the Pasadena Film Festival 2023 and is now available for streaming on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

In addition to her culinary ventures, Falkner, along with her partner Heather Freyer, founded T’MARO Brands Inc., a beverage and food brand set to launch in June 2024. With her unwavering passion and commitment to culinary excellence, Elizabeth Falkner continues to inspire and innovate in the culinary world.


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