David Burke

David Burke Hospitality Management - Atlantic Highlands, NJ

David Burke is renowned in modern American cuisine for his passionate creativity and innovative approach to food. Beyond his culinary prowess, Burke is a respected restaurateur, artist, philanthropist, and business leader. He heads David Burke Hospitality Management (DBHM), overseeing a diverse portfolio that includes 22 restaurants, a historic event venue, and a bakery, alongside a line of branded products.

Starting his career at New York City’s River Café, Burke quickly gained acclaim, earning a rare three-star review from The New York Times, and becoming the first American to achieve the prestigious Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Diplome d’Honneur. His culinary achievements have garnered international recognition, including awards from Japan and the Robert Mondavi Award of Excellence.

Burke’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish David Burke & Donatella and later DB Global and DBHM, expanding his influence across the hospitality industry. He holds US patents for culinary innovations like the Himalayan salt dry aging process for beef. Throughout his career, Burke has been a two-time James Beard Award nominee and a prominent figure on Top Chef TV.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Burke demonstrated resilience by launching initiatives like the #Feed the Heroes program, which provided over 100,000 meals to frontline workers. He also innovated with virtual cooking demos and employee incentive programs.

Burke continues to expand his brand, opening new restaurants in North Carolina, Saudi Arabia, and New Jersey, where he saved the historic Dixie Lee Bakery from closure. His commitment to education is evidenced by the David Burke Scholarship at Brookdale Community College, supporting students in culinary arts and hospitality management.

Looking ahead, Burke aims to elevate Dixie Lee Bakery and establish Red Horse by David Burke as a prominent steakhouse brand nationally. Recent ventures include transforming New Jersey’s The Fox & Falcon and assuming management of Bernards Inn, marking his entry into hotel operations.
In 2023, Burke introduced Park Ave Kitchen, a dual-concept American brasserie and café-market in a prestigious Park Avenue office tower, showcasing his versatility and vision in the culinary landscape.

David Burke’s multifaceted career embodies innovation, resilience, and a dedication to culinary excellence, setting him apart as a leader in the global hospitality industry.


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