Belinda Leong

Belinda Leong

b. Patisserie - San Francisco, CA

Belinda Leong began and honed her skills as a pastry chef over the span of eight years at Restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco. She moved to Europe staging at Pierre Hermé in Paris, Bubó in Barcelona, and the two Michelin-starred Noma in Copenhagen. Returning to the Bay Area, she became pastry chef at Manresa in Los Gatos. While at Manresa, Leong decided to introduce her pastries to the public through “pop-ups” and partnerships with select coffee shops. San Francisco Magazine named her 2012’s Best Pastry Chef of the Year. The success of her “pop-ups” encouraged Leong to focus solely on b. Patisserie, which opened to critical acclaim in February 2013. She became business partners with Michel Suas, founder of San Francisco Baking Institute.

In recognition of her work, Belinda Leong became a James Beard Award Outstanding Pastry Chef 2014 Finalist and Outstanding Baker Finalist in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.  She won the James Beard Award for Outstanding Baker in 2018.

Leong opened b. Patisserie Hawaii in 2014 in Oahu. b. Patisserie opened their first location in Seoul, Korea in 2018, and now they have a third location that opened in April 2021. Routier Restaurant opened in 2020, partnering with Chef John Paul Carmona and Michel Suas.


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