Chef Anita Lo

Anita Lo

Chef Anita Lo - New York, NY

Based in New York City, Anita Lo is a French-trained chef and the author of Cooking Without Borders and SoLo, a Modern Cookbook for a Party of One, which won Eater’s Cookbook of the Year and was nominated for an IACP award. She is best known for her work at annisa, a contemporary American fine dining restaurant in the West Village which she owned and operated for 17 years—receiving a three-star rating from the New York Times and a Michelin star, among other accolades.  She was the first female chef to collaborate for a state dinner at The White House under the Obama Administration. She has appeared on numerous television shows and films including Top Chef Masters, Iron Chef America and The Heat. She is currently working with the Tour De Forks, hosting culinary tours around the planet. Anita Lo was recently knighted to the Order of Agricultural Merit from the French government.


Culinary EmpowHERment

Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

November 10, 2024

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