Andrew Le - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Andrew Le

The Pig & The Lady - Honolulu, HI

Considered one of the “new kids in the kitchen” in the Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement, Andrew Le is creating and adding his own flair to Hawaii’s culinary scene by using his cultural roots to inspire his tastes. Creator, owner and chef, Le is the mastermind behind the innovative restaurant The Pig & The Lady. Le is the only Hawaii chef cooking contemporary food built on Vietnamese flavors—a foundation made from delicious memories introduced by his mother. It makes him a perfect addition to the Slurp lineup.

Along Le’s gastronomic journey, he has learned how cooking can bring people together: everyone from the farmer, to the rancher and fisherman, and of course, to the restaurant staff and the diner. Born and raised in Honolulu, Le attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York and graduated in 2006. Soon after, he landed a job at Chef Mavro— considered one of Hawai‘i’s finest restaurants—working under the tutelage of chef George Mavrothalassitis, a founding member of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, and chef Kevin Chong, a James Beard Foundation Award semifinalist.

After five years at Chef Mavro, Le opened The Pig & The Lady in 2011, causing an immediate buzz locally and nationally. Sister restaurant Piggy Smalls followed in 2016. Le is also a 2012 Rising Star Chef awardee.