Allie Haines - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Allie Haines

Merriman's Honolulu - Honolulu, HI

Allie is one of the lead bartenders at the Merriman’s Ward location that just opened their doors in June. Before joining the Merriman’s family, Allie had worked at Stage Restaurant, Lucky Belly, Livestock Taveren, the TchinTchin Bar, and Town Restaurant. She has been in the food and hospitality industry for seven years and has been fortunate to have worked with people that she looks up to; Dusty Grable, Alicia Yamachika, Kyle Reutner, Dave Caldiero, Ed Kenny, and Dave Power to name a few. Allie’s  true joy behind mixing cocktails would be the interactions that she has with her guests and friends that sit with her. She values having the opportunity to meet people, learn what makes them happy, and to create a drink that they love and are comfortable drinking. She truly enjoys helping people find a new favorite cocktail, or a variation of it.