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Experience an unparalleled culinary adventure at the premier culinary destination event of the Pacific and become a sponsor of the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival! Immerse your brand in a world where renowned chefs and mixologists showcase a taste of Aloha, world-class wines flow, and your partnership pays it forward through contributions to nonprofit charitable organizations that support local food sustainability, cultural initiatives and educational programs. Connect with thousands of Festival attendees, 150+ participating chefs, winemakers, mixologists and culinary talents, as well as key community and industry thought leaders. Elevate your brand visibility, align yourself with our mission to spotlight Hawaii as a center for purposeful cultural endeavors, and join us in creating unforgettable culinary experiences that captivate both local residents and global food and travel enthusiasts alike.

This is more than a sponsorship; it’s an invitation to be an integral part of shaping Hawai‘i’s culinary landscape.

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Sponsorship commitment deadline: April 30, 2024

What our Sponsors are saying…

“Through our partnership with HFWF, we’ve successfully promoted our beautiful island home as an award-winning culinary destination via in- flight programming, influencer collaborations, social media sweepstakes and editorial tie- ups. At our signature event, we thoughtfully curate an interactive space that showcases our Featured Chefs and Master Sommelier, creating a highly engaging and memorable experience for attendees.”

– Jennifer Gee, Marketing Promotions Manager Hawaiian Airlines

“The Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival shines a spotlight on Hawai‘i as culinary destination, bringing together talented chefs, producers, growers and people who want to explore the many unique tastes of the Islands. King’s Hawaiian is proud to support the visionary leadership of Roy, Alan and Denise as they work tirelessly to promote Hawai‘i’s innovative approach to agricultural sustainability and culinary excellence.”

– Mark Taira, Chief Executive Officer King’s Hawaiian

“Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival is a perfect platform for us to showcase what we catch here in Hawai‘i. It captures a huge audience from various backgrounds and you have hundreds of people coming to one place to enjoy various types of seafood prepared differently. ”

– Roger Dang, President Fresh Island Fish

“Hawai‘i Food & Wine Festival has given us wonderful opportunities to interact with people, as well as to introduce Japan’s traditional craft spirit Shochu. They also allow us to familiarize ourselves with Hawai‘i’s food and bar culture. Now, the Festival has become the greatest gateway for us.”

– Masato Aso, Sales Manager iichiko

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