Thank you for your support to help raise funds for the Kokua Restaurant & Hospitality Fund for Maui. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. If you have any questions or need additional materials to support your efforts, please contact Director of Marketing & PR Kristen Lau-Grover at [email protected] 


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QR code can be printed on menu or displayed to encourage guests and patrons to donate

Any individuals or businesses in Hawaii, that want to conduct a charitable sales promotion (an advertising or sales campaign that represents that the purchase or use of good/services will benefit a charitable organization or purpose) must receive Hawaii Ag & Culinary Alliance’s consent and register the promotion with the Hawaii State Attorney General. Failure to do so may result in a penalty of up to $1,000 to the individual or business. Visit Hawaii Charities Promotion website HERE.

If you use Toast POS, register your POS to set up direct donations. You must call Toast POS, provide them with EIN #: 46-0618609, and confirm registered name: Hawaii Ag & Culinary Alliance dba Hawaii Food & Wine Festival.

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival recognizes the use of diacritical markings in the modern orthography of Hawaiian language including the ‘okina [‘] or glottal stop, and the kahakō [ā] or macron. However, in order to ensure the best online experience visitors to our website, these markings may be omitted throughout our site. We thank you for your understanding.