Taylor Ponte

Kamado Private Dinners & Aurum Maui - Wailea, HI

Chef Taylor Ponte, the distinguished owner of Kamado Private Chef and Executive Chef and Partner of upcoming restaurant Aurum, Maui, boasts a rich culinary background as a Maui Culinary Academy alumnus. Having collaborated with renowned chefs like Alan Wong, Jonathan Mizukami, and Brian Etheredge, Chef Ponte is celebrated for his inventive flair and dedication. His commitment to supporting local agriculture and pushing the envelope in sustainability shines through in his culinary creations. Eager to foster connections within local communities, Chef Ponte is passionate about creating opportunities for up-and-coming chefs and hospitality students. Born and raised in Maui, Hawaii, Taylor Ponte leverages his deep-rooted connections with local farmers and ranchers, along with his profound understanding of Maui’s diverse cultures, to design dishes that tell a story.


First Hawaiian Bank Presents 26th Annual Roy Yamaguchi Golf Classic

Kaanapali Golf Course and Roy's Kaanapali

October 25, 2024

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