Melissa Miranda

Melissa Miranda

Musang Seattle - Seattle, WA

Melissa Miranda is the owner of Musang, a Filipino restaurant and community space that opened in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood in January 2020.

Miranda attended culinary school and worked in kitchens in Florence, Italy, before cooking for two years in New York City. After returning to Seattle, she worked as a sous chef at Bar Del Corso while developing Musang.

Musang has become a place that Miranda proudly calls, “for us, by us.” She works with a team to craft dishes inspired by childhood memories, further diversifying the landscape of contemporary Filipino American cooking.

During the pandemic, Miranda joined Bon Appétit’s Test Kitchen and shared her recipes and stories of Filipino cuisine. Community and collaboration have always been at the heart of what Miranda does and she loves being able to use her platform to highlight and showcase others.

Melissa Miranda was recently named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs 2022, is a two-time nominated James Beard Award semifinalist and just opened her second restaurant, Kilig, focusing on Pancit and Bulalo in Seattle’s Chinatown International District.


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