Claudette Zepeda

Chispa Hospitality - San Diego, CA

Claudette Zepeda is an acclaimed celebrity chef and culinary entrepreneur based in San Diego, renowned for her bold and fearless approach to regional Mexican cuisine. With over two decades of experience working in restaurant kitchens and extensive travels worldwide, including throughout Mexico, Zepeda is celebrated for her expertise as a culinary anthropologist.

As the Founder and Creative Director of Chispa Hospitality, Zepeda oversees projects in Nashville, Australia, and México, infusing each with her unique creative vision. Her multifaceted talents have earned her recognition on various culinary platforms, including the 2022 edition of Netflix’s Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend, where she emerged victorious, and Iron Chef México, where she also triumphed. Additionally, Zepeda showcased her culinary prowess by besting Bobby Flay’s Titans on Bobby’s Triple Threat in the fall of 2022, securing the coveted cash prize.

In 2019, Zepeda established Viva La Vida, LLC, a venture dedicated to empowering Mexican women to support their families while prioritizing their safety. Expanding into a 501c3 organization, Viva La Vida aims to break the cycle of generational poverty among Hispanic women in the United States by providing essential support and resources.

Claudette Zepeda’s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and social impact continues to make a profound mark on both the culinary world and communities she serves.


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