Bonny Davis

Kamehameha Schools Maui - Makawao, HI

Bonny Davis grew up in a large family that cherished gatherings centered around food, fostering her early passion for cooking. As a Hawaiian-born chef, she honed her culinary skills alongside her two grandmothers, each imparting their unique cooking styles. Instilled with a reverence for fresh ingredients and a love for the craft, Davis embarked on her culinary journey by earning her degree in Culinary Arts from Kapiolani Community College on Oahu.

Upon completing her education, Davis ventured to San Francisco, where she served as a Sous Chef at Kincaid’s Restaurant, refining her expertise. Returning to Hawaii, she continued to excel in her culinary career, progressing to the role of Executive Chef at Kincaid’s Restaurant Oahu, and later, Palomino’s Restaurant, over a span of 11 years.

In pursuit of her roots, Davis relocated to Maui, contributing her culinary talents to various hotels and restaurants throughout the island. In 2006, she assumed leadership of the culinary department at Kamehameha Schools Aapueo Campus, where she has served as Executive Chef for the past 18 years. Managing multiple kitchens and overseeing the provision of over 1200 meals daily, Bonny also directs catering operations for a range of organizational functions.

In 2009, Davis co-founded Savory Palate Hawaii, a thriving catering company, alongside her partner. Their culinary ventures expanded with the opening of Fatt Chicks Burgers, a gourmet burger restaurant, in 2014. Transitioning in 2020, they divested their business interests to embrace a slower pace.

Davis’ fervent dedication lies in reshaping the palates of young Hawaiians, integrating indigenous canoe crops into every meal to instill a deeper connection with food origins. She is committed to educating the next generation on the importance of food sourcing, bridging the gap between the farm and table while championing local farmers to bolster food security. A staunch advocate for sustainability and locally sourced produce, Bonny Davis finds fulfillment in nurturing and empowering future leaders through culinary education and engagement.


Kamehameha Schools Presents Roots

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa

November 6, 2024

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