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Pawan Mahendro

Badmaash - Los Angeles, CA

The holy city of Amritsar, in Punjab, India, is home of the Golden Temple and a true food city in every sense. It is also where chef Pawan Mahendro was born and raised, so it is no wonder that he pursued a culinary path.

Upon graduating at the top of his class, Pawan secured a position at the Taj Mahal Intercontinental Hotel in Mumbai, where he honed his skills in Indian, French and Chinese cooking. Seeking to expand his knowledge of the industry, he moved on to the Hotel Centaur, also in Mumbai. It wasn’t long before Pawan felt the urge to break free and embark on an independent venture in executive catering and event planning for corporate meetings and functions.

Following a move to Toronto, Pawan familiarized himself with the dining scene by working at West Side Grill, Dunkleman’s Fine Dining and Daily Planet as the corporate chef. Then in 2002, he opened his own place—Jaipur Grill, an Indian eatery with European finesse—with the help of his son Nakul, who became the general manager at the age of 21. It quickly became Toronto’s premier Indian dining destination.

Inspired by his sons Nakul and Arjun’s desire to create an unrivaled, “badass” dining experience, Pawan and his sons opened Badmaash in 2013 in Downtown Los Angeles. The modern, colorful space soon became a go-to destination for traditional and contemporary Indian fare.