Jen Ackrill - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Jen Ackrill

SKY and Top of Waikiki - Honolulu, HI

Jen Ackrill is the Director of Mixology for Sky and Top of Waikiki.  With a career spanning more than 17 years, she has developed cocktail programs for some of San Francisco’s premier watering holes including Rye—one of The City’s first modern craft cocktail bars. Here is where Jen developed her signature style, creating vibrant and dynamic original libations that take a nod from history, at a guests whim based on individual spirits, emotions, or a string of adjectives sewn together.  She is a featured bartender on’s educational video series and has competed in many cocktail competitions including Speed Rack, an all women’s speed and craft cocktail competition, which aims to raise money for breast cancer research while spotlighting talented female bartenders across the globe.

Passionate about her craft, Jen traveled throughout Europe to further expand her knowledge, finally relocating to Honolulu in August 2014 to spearhead and redevelop the beverage program for the Top of Waikiki and then in August of 2015 expanded that program to include Sky Waikiki – Hawaii’s ultimate rooftop experience.  Taking cues from Hawaii’s rich history and local fresh ingredients, Jen seeks to create thoughtful seasonal menus for our local family as well as Honolulu’s many travelers to keep them both returning to the breathtaking venues high above Waikiki Beach. She has recently decided to no longer participate in cocktail competitions there are too many beaches in Hawaii that she has yet to discover.