Zhijie Yang - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Zhijie Yang

Wuxi Juna Hotels Group - Wuxi City, China

Zhijie Yang, the sous-chef of the West Kitchen of Wuxi Junlai Hubin Hotel, a member of Wuxi Junlai Hotel Group, is well versed in tin dishes, Huaiyang cuisine, and is especially good at the innovation of Chinese and Western cuisine.

Under his leadership, the profit performance of Western restaurants has been increasing year by year.  In 2018, the annual income reached 13.25 million yuan, and received 195,700 guests.  In November 2018, Chef Yang and other four chefs were selected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to visit Sri Lanka and Australia, and were highly recognized by the National Cultural Tourism Department, embassies and event guests.

Chef Yang has won the “Chinese Golden Chef Award” in the culinary industry competition.  In 2018 World Chinese Food Federation, he won the “5th place” in the Young Chefs Ranking Competition, and received the “World Chinese Young Chef Artist” award and title.