Wayne Hirabayashi - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Wayne Hirabayashi

The Kahala Hotel & Resort - Honolulu, HI

Wayne Hirabayashi is a multi-faceted individual whose influence at home, at work, and in the community has touched many lives.  As Executive Chef, he is responsible for all the culinary operations of the luxury hotel including its award-winning restaurants, Hoku’s and Plumeria Beach House, Seaside Grill, and The Veranda, as well as all the banquet and catering programs, and the hotel’s in-room 24-hour food and beverage dining service.

Hirabayashi hosted The Kahala’s first ever James Beard Foundation Dinner in 2012. More than 350 attended this gourmet culinary experience overseen by Mitchell Davis, Ph.D. and Executive Vice President of The James Beard Foundation from New York City.  Hirabayashi was joined by three former Kahala culinary team members, all of who have gone on to bigger and better positions in the culinary world after their tutelage in The Kahala’s own kitchens.

As a master of the culinary arts, Hirabayashi works tirelessly at his craft. He works closely with local food purveyors and farmers to utilize local foods and ingredients wherever possible in The Kahala’s restaurants.  He encourages and embraces sustainable food practices at the hotel through a myriad of programs, from herb gardens on the property to providing food waste to local pig farmers.