Milo Fleming - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Milo Fleming

Top Chef Jr. Finalist - Saint Paul, MN

Milo Fleming is a chef, television personality, and an all-around bon vivant.  He appeared on the reality cooking show, Top Chef Jr and is known for his take on Asian fusion cuisine.  Milo was the third-place finisher in Top Chef Jr’s inaugural season.

Milo lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his family and will be entering the 9thGrade in the fall of 2018.  He will be spending his summer working at St. Genevieve, under the tutelage of Beard-nominated chef Steven Brown.

Milo is a multi-talented creative artist and is an accomplished chef, filmmaker, musician, and visual artist.  He is also a recording artist, writing and performing as one half of the duo, Tummy Brothers.

Milo began cooking at the age of six.  He would experiment in the kitchen making food “potions,” or random concoctions of food that were barely edible.  However, his perseverance paid off, and by the time he was 8, Milo was preparing family meals regularly and imagining recipes of increasing complexity.

By the age of 13, Milo began staging in Minneapolis restaurants and was cast for Season 1 of Top Chef Jr.  Milo had the most challenge wins, racking up wins in nine cooking challenges and two non-cooking challenges.  Included in his challenge wins was the Cooking for Treasure Challenge and the prize of a trip to the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival.

Milo has big plans for the future including earning a business degree, opening his own restaurant and traveling the world.