Michael Arnot

Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina - Kapolei, HI

A sixth-generation Californian with “definitely some French in my family tree,” Michael Arnot has cooked in more than a half-dozen destinations through his still-young culinary career. Now he’s right at home and inspired to be dreaming up dishes just steps from the Pacific as Executive Chef of Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina.

“We’ve always tried to establish ourselves as the best food on Oahu, and a lot of people have helped us get there,” says Arnot, detailing the productive relationships he has developed with local farmers and fishers, often by word of mouth, since arriving at the Resort in 2018. “Just last night, I got a text with a photo of this amazing fish. I originally met the fisherman at a private catering event, and we kept in touch. It’s so nice to have suppliers that make you a priority, and to work with whole fish instead of filets.”

Just as goodies straight from the sea fit the “line-to-table” philosophy of James Beard Award-winning Chef Michael Mina at the Resort’s signature dining experience Mina’s Fish House, so fresh and organic produce offer opportunities for Arnot to show off his team’s “farm-to-table” chops at other onsite outlets as well as actual farms. “One of the cool things we do is take guests to visit our suppliers for lunch, and then they’re right there when we purchase ingredients to cook them for dinner at the Resort.”

Called “Chef Zen” at a previous job, Arnot describes himself as “calm but intense, focused but level-headed.” He likes to get to know everyone in the kitchen and takes an interest in their families, so days aren’t just about work. “I think being personable and approachable goes a long way for morale here. Everyone likes to see that the boss is a human, not a robot.”
He got his first restaurant job at 15 at a pizza shop in Scottsdale, where everything was made from scratch. This is where restaurant life first started to appeal to him, and he continued working at high-end restaurants while pursuing a degree in political science.

Arnot put in a lot of miles en route to Four Seasons, which he joined after upping his game at fine dining restaurants in Boulder, Colorado and Seattle, Washington, he and went on to work in Vail, Chicago, and Vancouver before heading even further west to Hawaii.


Spice Market

Kohola Lagoon 1 at Ko Olina Resort fronting Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa and Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina

November 10, 2024

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