Manny Hinojosa

Manny Hinojosa

Tequila CAZADORES - Brentwood, CA

Manny Hinojosa serves as the Global Brand Ambassador for Tequila CAZADORES. Since 2007, he has been traveling the world educating consumers, media and bartenders about Tequila CAZADORES, its history and unique characteristics. With over 25 years of experience working with some of the world’s best bars and hotels, Hinojosa has become one of the most celebrated mixologists in the US and Mexico.

Hinojosa’s journey into the hospitality industry started with his passion for food and cooking. Following a childhood accident, his mother homeschooled him and, in addition to school lessons, she taught him how to cook. Hinojosa started making meals for his entire family and his love of cooking and eating transferred to his cocktails. His instinct for flavor and Mexican cuisine eventually led him to win major cocktail competitions including Maxim Food Awards and Shake It Up, International Bar and Nightclub Convention.

He quickly grabbed the attention of top culinary companies including James Beard House Foundation where he was asked to become a mixologist. There, Hinojosa created cocktails with many Food Network stars, including esteemed chefs Jonathan Waxman, Guy Fieri and Aarón Sánchez. Following his time at the James Beard House Foundation, he took over the West Coast portfolio for Tequila CAZADORES and later the full BACARDÍ portfolio nationwide. He now focuses his time on being the Global Brand Ambassador for Tequila CAZADORES sharing his love of agave spirits and Mexican culture to the world.

Outside of his role at Tequila CAZADORES, Manny Hinojosa loves to spend time at home with his family enjoying the California sun. He is passionate about cars and takes pride in keeping them looking great. He is also an avid runner who loves discovering new cities by foot.


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