Kwangsik Jun - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Kwangsik Jun

Bicena - South Korea

After gaining some experience at an Italian restaurant and the Embassy of Germany, Kwangsik Jun teamed with Chef Byoungjin Kim of the 3 Michelin star restaurant ‘Gaon’. Since then, he has been studying Korean cuisine and developing his own style.

Jun became the Sous Chef of ‘Gaon’ in 2014, and became the Executive Chef of the 1 Michelin star restaurant ‘Bicena’ in February 2018. His studies on the traditional dish have led him to present a new, modernized Korean-style cuisine, and to develop the ‘New Classic’ concept of ‘Bicena’.

Although he was born and raised in Seoul, Jun continuously visits different parts of Korea to study and observe local ingredients from diverse perspectives. Based on his studies, he has created a unique Bicena-style Korean cuisine.

During Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Korea in February 2019,  Jun was in charge of the summit dinner, which for the first time in history was held outside of the Blue House.