Kristene Moon

The Pig and The Lady - Honolulu, HI

Kristene Moon started with The Pig & The Lady since its pop-up days at Hank’s HauteDogs back in 2011.

Born, raised, and educated in Honolulu, Moon started off as a volunteer prep cook while in culinary school at Kapiolani Community College. She has ferociously led her way to executive sous chef and now leads the crew as chef de cuisine at Piggy Smalls, sister restaurant of The Pig & The Lady.

The force behind her passion is led by her love of the culinary environment and how it constantly pushes her to be better, not only as a cook but as a person. “The work ishard and strenuous but the outcome of seeing people enjoying your food that you made from start to finish makes me feel amazing,” said Moon.


Kids Foodie Fest

Bishop Museum

October 29, 2023

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