KJ Williams

KJ Williams

The Long Island Bar - New York, NY

KJ Williams has been in the restaurant business his whole life. Starting as a dishwasher, he worked up through the ranks of various positions and has been bartending for over 30 years now. In 2010, Williams left Vail Colorado after 20 years and moved to NYC. He landed at Julie Reiner’s iconic cocktail bar Flatiron Lounge (RIP), curating the program for over six years. Currently, he is bartending at Toby Cecchini’s The Long Island Bar, an industry hotspot that was nominated the last two years for best bar team at Tales of the Cocktail, as well as landing on various world’s best bar lists. When not behind the bar there, Williams’ is also busy giving education seminars about bartending or one of his favorite sprits, Chartreuse, gin, rum or agave. When not working, you can probably find KJ Williams riding his bike or at the Rockaways trying to catch a wave.


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