Kevin Posada - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


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Kevin Posada

Maui Brewing Company - Kihei, HI

Born In the tropical country of El Salvador, Kevin Posada was able to live the beautiful country life. Growing up and picking, green beans, coffee and Mangos for enjoyment, he was able to taste firsthand the bounty of the land.

Posada moved to Los Angeles as an Immigrant to pursue the promising well broadcasted American dream. Starting from washing dishes, living in the city juggling two kitchen jobs and working as a restaurant cleaner in the mornings he quickly learned what hard work and the meaning of “needs more elbow grease” meant.

Posada joined the very successful restaurant company, “Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants” where he moved through the ranks in the kitchen. “My success is due in part to having great leaders who inspired, believed and challenge me every day.”

Posada refined his knowledge of ingredients and techniques while working alongside Chef Neal Fraser and his partner in crime, (not so literally) CDC, Jason Bowling from the Restaurant Redbird in Los Angeles, where the expectation for execution, attention to detail and refinement was always present.

13 years later Posada joined the Maui Brewing Co. Ohana alongside Restauranteur Terry Lynch, Chris Thibaut, and Brewmaster Garrett Marrero where the craft of their careers comes as close as the care for their people. Learning the local culture, Posada brings together the local bounty and people in harmony.