Jongkol Sucodt - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Jongkol Sucodt

Noi Thai Cuisine - Honolulu, HI

As a child in Bangkok, Jongkol Sucodt loved cooking but never thought that she would become a professional chef. Her high school happened to be next to a culinary arts school, where she got to know the teachers—and her interest in cooking was piqued.

Sucodt attended university in the Faculty of Food Industry and Service Department, where she studied culinary arts for seven years, while also working in various kitchens to gain experience. After graduating early, she started her career as a bakery chef at a new Bangkok hotel and was promoted to executive chef when she was 25. At that time, she was also a food stylist for many local and international magazines.

She took part in the Chef Association of Thailand and participated in several charity events, where she worked with many well-known chefs and professors. People called her “The Angel Chef” because of all the charity events she participated in. She was also a university lecturer, hoping to inspire culinary students.

Sucodt moved to Bend, Oregon, to helm Noi Thai Cuisine, and after one year, she transferred to Noi Thai Cuisine Hawaii, where her biggest achievements so far have been cooking for HRH Princess Bajarakitiyabha in 2016 and for President Barack Obama in 2017.