Johannes Hasselbach - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Johannes Hasselbach

Weingut Gunderloch - Nackenheim, Germany

After his studies in economy, Johannes Hasselbach’s inquisitive nature inspired him to travel the world of wine. His travels led him to Australia, Canada, Chile and New Zealand where he worked at various wineries. “My goal during my travels was to grow my knowledge. I wanted to dedicate myself to the wine work outside the family winery. I wanted to discover how other people think, what motivates them and how they made their wine. During these formative years, I had many unique experiences and met many incredible people and had the chance to share their goals and dreams.” After this valuable detour, Johannes Hasselbach has now taken over responsibility for the family business with the goal of further dynamic development. International exchange remains important to him and he continues to find inspiration for his work as vintner with visitors, colleagues, and interns from around the world.

According to his understanding wine is created in the vineyards. Humans can only accompany the creation process: “It is important to understand that we are in the duty of our vineyards. We try to find the right measures to help the vine to find its natural balance in the given circumstances of the growing season. In our daily work the vineyard is always in the focus. There we create circumstances, which allow us to be very restrictive in our actions and allow our wines to generate their own personal character. Conscientious interaction with nature is an absolute imperative and we treat our vineyards as an irreplaceable treasure.”