Joey Joyce - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Joey Joyce

Livestock Tavern - Honolulu, HI

Joey’s career behind the bar started in college in 2004, slinging frozen margaritas and bottled beer at a Tex-Mex joint. It has been a curious and winding path to get to the classically inspired cocktails he most often makes now. While enjoying the rise of “mixology”, Joey has no tolerance for an arrogant or elitist attitude coming from either side of the bar. Joey wants his guests to feel welcome and unintimidated while dining or drinking in his establishments.

Joey draws inspiration from his time living in California, Delaware, Arizona, Japan, South Korea and Hawaii, along with his travels to 49 US States and 19 countries. These journeys give him an extensive library of flavors and adventures to pull from for his drinks. Having participated in drinking cultures throughout the world, he acknowledges that while the drink is important, it is but one ingredient for creating a memorable event. His desire is to create drinks that assist in moving the guests’ experience from mundane to memorable.