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Jamie Stewart

Ferrari Winery - Trentino, Italy

Jamie attained his Australian Sommelier qualifications at 17 and worked during his last two years of high school as majordomo on an island resort in the Whitsunday Passage. After graduating from college, he traveled to Japan where he earned a BA in Economics from Tokyo National University and accreditation from the Japan Sommelier Society.

After successfully developing two 12,000 selection wine cellars for
Maxim’s & Sabatini Restaurants of Tokyo, Jamie was offered a position by Ambassador WalterMondale to the United States Embassy as Food & Wine Director at The New Sanno Hotel, a unique hotel designed for military travelers and operated by the US Naval Joint Services. At New Sanno, Jamie was responsible for the beverage program for their five restaurants.

In 1993, Jamie moved to Paris and undertook an internship with Michelin Chef Guy Savoy, who then sponsored him into the British Court of Masters Sommelier in 1994. In 1995, Jamie moved to St. Petersburg Russia where he studied Political Science at the University of St. Petersburg and worked as wine steward at Le Paris Restaurant in Ulitsa. He attained Sommelier accreditation from the St. Petersburg chapter, Russian Sommelier Association.

In 1996, Jamie moved to New York City when he was accepted to Columbia University. He began working for Chef Jean-George Vongerichten and quickly established himself as one of the most respected Sommeliers in New York. In the decade following, he successfully managed the wine programs at several New York “institution” restaurants, such as Cello, Babbo, Daniel, La Bernadin, Ilo, & Oceana. He also spent some time in Santa Barbara, California developing the food and beverage platform at the prestigious Bacarra Resort.

In 2005, he was offered a joint Educational & Marketing position with Fosters Wine Estates as Director of the Estates Wine Group, providing him an opportunity to work with some of theworld’s finest wine brands. In 2009 when his first son was born, Jamie retired from corporate life and started his own consulting company, Vine Consultants, managing Cantine Ferrari and Planeta. Today, Jamie serves as Brand Ambassador for Ferrari, where he oversees all brand activities, public relations, marketing development and distributor relations in the US.