Egan Inoue

Egan Inoue

Egan's Boot Camp - Honolulu, HI

Born and raised in Manoa Valley, Egan Inoue’s journey is a testament to relentless pursuit. Starting at age three, he honed his skills in Shotokan Karate under his grandfather, Shoso Narikawa. Throughout his school years, Egan Inoue excelled in baseball, basketball, and racquetball, becoming the state racquetball champion by the time he graduated from the University of Hawaii Lab School in 1983.

Egan’s career took an unexpected turn when he decided to go professional in racquetball at age 20. By 1986, he clinched his first world title and earned a spot on the US Olympic team. He continued to dominate the sport, winning his second world title in 1990. During this time, Egan also earned black belts in multiple martial arts disciplines.

In 1993, an injury forced Egan to retire from racquetball and sell his multimillion-dollar company, E-force. His next chapter was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where he made history by winning the Jiu Jitsu World Title in the Blue Belt division in 1996, becoming the first non-Brazilian champion.

Egan’s MMA journey began unexpectedly when he filled in for his brother in a 1997 fight, winning by submission in the first round. He went on to secure five world championship titles in Pride, Shooto, Superbrawl, and Luminex Cup.

Understanding the importance of education, Egan returned to college and worked for Merck Pharmaceuticals as a medical professional during his MMA career. In 2003, he retired from fighting to focus on family and his burgeoning fitness business.

In 2008, at the age of 43, Egan defied expectations by returning to the ring and defeating a 23-year-old opponent in just 59 seconds. Today, he and his wife, Marcia, run fitness gyms across Hawaii, offering a unique blend of sports training and high-intensity interval workouts. Their mission is to promote fitness and instill life-saving skills, even starting Fit Forever for mature adults in 2017.

Egan Inoue is not only a champion but also a motivational speaker and the author of “Becoming Relentless,” a blueprint for achieving success in life, business, and sports.


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