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Damon Boelte

Grand Army - Brooklyn, NY

As a pre-teen, years before he was legally allowed to drink, Damon Boelte was an avid collector of cocktail books. And in retrospect, that’s really no surprise; his longstanding fascination with drinks history and culture has uniquely positioned him to work in a variety of corners within the industry.

Having first started bartending in his native Oklahoma, Boelte has, over the course of a short decade, made a name for himself in New York. After moving to Brooklyn with his twin brother, Dylan, he began working at Red Hook’s renowned Le Nell’s Ltd. spirits store before being recruited for a consulting job at Frankies 457—an opportunity that eventually lead to a position as head bartender at Prime Meats. From there, he went on to open Grand Army as head bartender and co-owner, alongside Mile End‘s Noah Bernamoff and photographer Daniel Krieger. But Boelte’s inspiration doesn’t come strictly from behind the bar; not only does he host The Speakeasy, a weekly drinks podcast on Heritage Radio Network, he plays in a band (Brothers), builds custom motorcycles and practices archery.