Chris Oh - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Chris Oh

Chingu - Honolulu, HI

Long gone are the days of behind-the-scenes pot-stirring cooks. Take Chris Oh, who aims to be a visionary culinary rock star who sees his career both in and out of the restaurant. The chef-owner of Seoul Sausage Co, EsCaLa, and The Korean Mkt in Los Angeles is also the winner of multiple TV competition shows, a TV personality with regular appearances on Food Network, NBC, Bravo and Vice, an author, and clothing designer. His goal is to bridge previously unrelated markets together through new culinary traditions.

In between, he’s cultivating new projects all over the nation. Even with all of that—he even got the approval of his parents—he’s still not where he wants to be. The end goal is pretty simple: live on the beach and sell Coronas and Spam musubis all day. His opening of Chingu in Honolulu this year and move to the Islands is a step toward that dream. Until then, he’ll continue working on being the “Jay-Z of the food world.”

When you sit with Oh, you’ll understand why he’s a perfect fit to this new standard of cool. Most of the time he’s in flip-flops and shorts, with a drink in hand, likely talking about the debauchery he experienced the night before. Then he switches topics to food. And his  eloquent dialogue leaves listeners to believe that this guy is really meant to be in the kitchen. Chris now sits at the center of a cultural revolution and he got there by breaking the rules.