Aisha Sharpe - Hawaii Food & Wine Festival


Aisha Sharpe

Contemporary Cocktails - New York, NY

With more than 16 years’ experience, Aisha has been acclaimed for her creativity, innovation, and skill by the likes of The New York Times, New York Magazine, theWall Street Journal and prominent restaurant and bar owners worldwide. She is known for her deep knowledge of spirits and the imaginative ways in which she blends them with the freshest of ingredients while respecting the integrity of each one. Her passion for experimenting with herbs and spices, and fruits and vegetables and all kinds of spirits from around the world, as well as her desire to put her own twist on/transform/modernize methods and techniques from the past, have brought her many television and radio shows as one of the top in her field.

What Aisha loves so much about what she does, whether visiting old bars in New York City or the newest ones in Paris/Singapore/Madrid, whether learning about pisco production in Peru or gin distillation in England, whether sharing her knowledge and passion with students or clients, is the connections she makes with all kinds of people in convivial situations. It’s what the clinking of glasses and toasting of one another with warm wishes of Salud, Skoll, Cheers means to her.