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Laura Diaz Munoz

Cardinale, Lokoya, Galerie Wines - Oakville, CA


Laura Díaz Muñoz has loved wine since her first sip of Albariño. She vividly recalls summer vacations with her family in northern Spain, sharing sips from her father’s wineglass as they watched the fresh seafood arrive on the fishing boats.

Combining her early epicurean interests with practical strengths in science, she chose Food Science as an undergraduate focus but discovered her true vocation while interning in the lab of a consulting winemaker. The moment she tried her hand at winemaking, she knew she had found her medium.

Laura quickly changed gears and completed a graduate degree in enology at the Polytechnic University of Madrid to pursue her new course. She honed her technical skills at her first job in La Mancha, mastering essential techniques of the discipline at Finca Otero. A few years later, she left Spain to find new inspiration and lessons in other wine regions around the world.

The moment she tried her hand at winemaking, she knew she had found her medium. Her work at Isabel Estate Vineyards in the Marlborough region of New Zealand drove home for her the fundamental importance of terroir and how dramatically different the same varietal can be when grown in different soil conditions regardless of the techniques used. At her subsequent engagement with Calina Winery in Chile, she learned how culture and past experience inform a person’s enjoyment of wine, sometimes limiting and sometimes enhancing their ability to appreciate new styles. Her next job working in Napa Valley with renowned winemaker Chris Carpenter on the wines of Cardinale and Lokoya taught her patience and how to choose the proper techniques to achieve the intended result. Under Chris’s guidance, she learned to stay true to her vision and channel her tremendous passion for the work into the stamina and determination necessary to achieve her ambitious standards. Laura’s confidence and poise animate the elegant wines of Galerie, her first solo winemaking project. As the name suggests, Galerie is an exhibition of Laura’s vibrant, portraits of place—Northern California’s most prized winegrowing appellations—interpreted through the canvas of Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Riesling.

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