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Tony Rungang Xu

Chengdu Taste - San Gabriel, CA


Tony Xu, was born in Chengdu, the capital city of the Szechwan province that is famous for spicy food. While Chef Tony worked as a driver for a travel agency for a few years in Los Angeles, he couldn’t find a Chinese restaurant in the city that served good, spicy Chinese food. When he had time, he would cook Szechwan food to bring back his childhood memories and for his friends whenever they had parties. All his friends loved his food and suggested he open a spicy Chinese restaurant. He is now the chef and owner of Chengdu Taste which opened in June 2016. Chef Tony wanted to make authentic, spicy Szechwan food to inform people that there are different styles of Chinese cooking.

Chef Tony markets his restaurant through word of mouth. His customers have helped him gain popularity by spreading the word and bringing their friends and family to the restaurant. Chengdu Taste now has 5 locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Hawaii. Chef Tony wants Chengdu Taste to bring back childhood memories of the Szechwan people living in the US and for more Americans to taste authentic Szechwan food. 

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