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Serge Dansereau

The Bathers' Pavilion - Sydney, Australia


An energetic native-born Quebecois but also an Australian citizen, Serge Dansereau grew up in Montreal where he began work as a kitchen hand. He was accepted at the prestigious Institut de Tourisme et d’ Hostellerie du Quebec in 1974, completing his diploma in Cuisine Professionnelle in 1976.

In 1983, Dansereau accepted a position to help open the newly built Regent, Sydney. The hotel, lead by the visionary Ted Wright, a forward thinker and great hotelier, was consistently voted in the top 10 hotels in the world. After one year, Dansereau was appointed Executive Chef and quickly became a legend. In 1989, the prestigious Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide proclaimed Dansereau Chef of the Year and in 1990, awarded 3 toques, its highest accolade, to Kable’s. In 1994, Dansereau was the recipient of the Sydney Morning Herald Special Award for Excellence.

His resignation from The Regent in 1999 was coupled with an announcement that he would join The Bathers’ Pavilion as partner and Chef. An imposing white building, with an exterior, reflecting Moorish architectural influences and distinctive Islamic fretwork, Bathers’ Pavilion includes three Dansereau designed hi-tech kitchens that service a Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Private Function Rooms, Terrace and Kiosk. When Bathers’ Pavilion opened in August 1999 it almost immediately became one of Sydney’s best and Australia’s most acclaimed eating places.

Dansereau is a chef and restaurateur who respects the service tradition and regards quality produce as the optimum ingredient in his cooking. In a country with a worldwide reputation for restaurant excellence, he continues at the forefront. He is considered one of the trendsetters and leading chef of Australia. In February 2003, Dansereau became the sole owner of The Bathers’ Pavilion.