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Mark Pomaski

Moon and Turtle - Hilo, HI


Chef Mark had his professional start in the kitchen of Shiki, a Japanese restaurant, in Eugene, Oregon. While at Shiki, Mark met Tetsuya Ozaki, a third-generation sushi chef from Osaka, and went from working the line in the kitchen to the sushi bar. Under Ozaki San, Mark not only learned the fundamentals of sushi but the craft of fine Japanese knife skills. After leaving Shiki, he worked in Seattle before making his way back home to the islands. In 2007, he was hired on as the head sushi chef for Roy's Restaurants’ newest location, Roy's Waikiki. He became the corporate sushi chef for the company and helped build and maintain the sushi program for all of Roy's Hawaii restaurants. In 2011, Mark and his wife Soni moved to New York City where he worked as a sushi chef for Nobu 57. In 2013, the Pomaski family took over the Full Moon Cafe, a Thai restaurant in Hilo, from the Maloof family and changed it to an international menu with a Pacific emphasis and a strong focus on fresh and raw fish.

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