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Keith Pajinag



Keith Pajinag was born on Oahu, but he later grew up in kitchens around Juneau, Alaska.  Peeling potatoes and chopping vegetables while standing on egg crates in the back of the kitchen, Chef Keith worked his way through his mother’s seventeen different establishments, learning everything he could about each station.  At 22 years of age, he was presented with a decision to go to culinary school or own a restaurant.  He decided on the latter.

Chef Keith moved to Seattle, where he began cooking at the city's Four Seasons while working in no less than three other kitchens at the same time.  Although his work ethic allowed him to quickly move up the food chain at the Four Seasons, it was chefs like Jared Wentworth who helped shape his own style.  Keith developed his culinary chops in Seattle but always had a passion to come back home to Hawaii because of its local fare. 

He brings with him a Pacific Northwestern culinary background and Hawaii-based upbringing to his position as the Executive Chef at THE MODERN HONOLULU.  What Keith loves about working at THE MODERN HONOLULU is that he has the freedom to express his vision, as well as the freedom to express his core value of creativity.  One of his biggest passions is also fulfilled in seeing his team grow and mentoring them in their career.  Keith was part of the team who opened the first Waikiki luxury lifestyle hotel in 2010.  Bringing many years of professional experience in the culinary and management sides, chef Keith executes flawless events upholding the AAA Four Diamond ratings of THE MODERN HONOLULU.

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