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Jongkol Sucodt

Noi Thai Cuisine - Honolulu, HI


As a child, I loved cooking but I never thought that being a Chef would become my profession. My high school was next to a Culinary Arts School, where I got to know the teachers that piqued my interest in cooking.

I went to University in the Faculty of Food Industry and Service Department.  I studied in Culinary Arts for 7 years. I applied for positions at different hotels and moved around various kitchens to gain experience. After graduating early, I started my career as Bakery Chef for a newly opened hotel.   I earned the position of Executive Chef at the age of 25.  At that time, I was also a Food Stylist for many local and international magazines.

I took part in the Chef Association of Thailand and participated in several charity events, where I worked with many well-known chefs and professors.  People called me “The Angel Chef” because of all the charity events I participated in. I was a lecturer at various universities to be an inspiration for the students at the Culinary Faculty.  A TV show contacted me to shoot a segment of my life while teaching classes at the charity event.

I was approached to come to the United States to join Noi Thai Cuisine in Bend.  After 1 year, I was transferred to Noi Thai Cuisine Hawaii.

My biggest achievement in Hawaii was being able to cook for HRH Princess Bajarakitiyabha when she visited Oahu in December 2016.  I also got an opportunity to cook for Former President Barack Obama when he dined with us in March 2017.

Participating Events

Spice Market