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Hisashi Uehara

AGU Ramen - Honolulu, HI


While slurping noodles at AGU, you may catch a glimpse of a man with a markedly strong physical appearance, an intense look of determination and a confident attitude to match. That's Hisashi, the founder and owner of the popular ramen bistro. It's no secret that this chef came onto the Honolulu scene to take his place as the victor in the "Ramen Wars". 

You could say that Hisashi "Teddy" Uehara was born to fulfill this destiny. Having spent his early years in Okinawa, the adventurous boy moved to Honolulu alone when he was 14. There, he attended the St. Louis School for Boys, and later, relocated to Los Angeles to begin his college education. At the age of 19, while still attending college, he apprenticed under a hardcore, old school chef from Japan.

In 2007, Hisashi took the plunge and opened a yakitori restaurant in Southern California. The LA Times touted the South Bay location as "Best Yakitori". In 2008, he opened the first authentic Okinawan Izakaya in LA, as well as a Hawaiian Deli and BBQ. In 2009, he added an Izakaya in Las Vegas. Propelled by this success, he returned to Honolulu to join one of the best Japanese restaurant chains on the Island, Gyotaku, hailed to be Hawai‘i's Favorite Japanese Restaurant.

Since it opened in 2013, AGU has become a tour-de-force amongst Oahu's numerous ramen restaurants. Boasting broths made from the finest pork and Jidori chicken, Hisashi has elevated the level of this traditional fare to something extraordinary. Nevertheless, he is not one to stand still. Spending hours experimenting and creating innovative recipes that keep his menu fresh and intriguing, his mission is to make AGU "Honolulu's best ramen bistro"!