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Chang-Wook Chung

Hawaiian Airlines - Seoul, South Korea


One of Korea’s most well-known celebrity chefs with over 208,000 Instagram followers, Changwook Chung specializes in French and Japanese cuisines. Chung, owner and chef of Bistro Chaugi, has appeared in many reality cooking shows including Take Good Care of the Fridge.

Originally a Japanese language interpreter in Korea, Chung was born in Yokohama, Japan. He entered the culinary world after moving back to Japan where he became a cook. Making the move back to Korea, Chung managed a restaurant with only three tables where he was able to focus on providing guests with the utmost level of quality and attention.

During his first visit to the islands over ten years ago, Chung instantly fell in love with the Hawaiian culture and hospitality. Since then, he continues to visit Hawai‘i several times a year and draws upon his experiences to influence his cuisine. He aims to convey his interpretation of the aloha spirit through Hawaiian Airlines’ inflight meal experience.

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